What is the best material for mermaid tails?

material for mermaid tails

Mermaid tails are made of various types of materials with each type having its own specific use for making the tail suitable for the user. These materials for mermaid tails determine your use with the mermaid tail at the end of the day and most of the time people are unaware of the various choices.

There are different materials used for making the mermaid tails which mainly include the following: Shiny Printed Spandex, Swimsuit Material, Polyester, Nylon, and Silicone. In this article, we are going to share the top three materials that provide different purposes and the most benefits for use. So, stay with us and learn about them in detail below. You will probably get an idea for which material is right for you.

Shiny Printed Spandex

Depending on the type of suit, the mermaid tails are made with a specific material that pertains to each use. The shiny printed spandex is a specific type of material that is used by designers to make the mermaid tail that is used for wearing to parties or events so that the user could walk in it with flexibility. Although it is a stiff material, it is very comfortable to wear and move around in. The length of the mermaid tail ordered by the user may vary according to height, so the amount of material used for it also vary according to that measurement. It is the best material for production because its superior quality.

Swimsuit Material

Just like the polyester, nylon, and spandex, the swimsuit material is another type of fabric that is commonly used for making the mermaid dresses. This material is a hybrid of spandex and polyester so you will find it to be very flexible. This hybrid makes it soft and comfortable for use. Well, as the name of the material suggests, it is used for making the mermaid tail that is swimmable. So, it is more than hundred percent suitable for you if you want to have a swimming suit in the form of mermaid. You will be extremely comfortable in this material for the fact that you have used it before while swimming naturally.


Polyester is also used for making the mermaid dress for swimming, but as compared to the swimsuit material, it is more durable and resistant to any type of damage that could occur to the fabric by the presence of chlorine in the water. Other than spandex, it is more stretchable and comfortable. So, if you want to use it as an alternative for spandex or the swimsuit material, then polyester is your best option.


Having a mermaid tail can be a girls dream, and to make this experience great, you have to choose the material of the mermaid tail wisely. Keep this in mind and buy the right material based on the information provided above.

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