Frequently Asked Questions

Get Quick Answers to the Most Common Mermaid Tail Questions

How Long Does it Take?

Typically our mermaid tails ship out within 10 – 15 business days. Do you need your mermaid tail in a hurry? No Problem! Expedited production of your order is available for a small surcharge.

Have Questions about Delivery?

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What is a Swimmable Mermaid Tail?

A Swimmable Mermaid Tail, also known as a “Swimtail,” is swimsuit-like fabric combined with a single large flipper, called a monofin, to create a functional mermaid tail.

  1. a Monofin – The plastic and rubber fin that fits on both feet
  2. a Mermaid Tail – A swimsuit fabric that wraps over the monofin and swimmer’s legs

Both of these parts are combined and delivered as one piece.

Are Mermaid Tails Safe?

Yes! Mermaid Tails are just as safe as any flipper available. All of our tails can be easily taken off in or out of the water. Of course, adult supervision is required for children. It is recommended that children already know how to swim before using a mermaid tail. This includes being able to swim underwater, while holding their breath.

Do I Need To Buy a Mermaid Tail & a Monofin?

That Depends. If you or your child plans to swim in the water while wearing the mermaid tail, then Yes, a monofin is required. If the mermaid tail is for on-land fun only, then monofins are not required, however they do help keep the “tail” shape.

Do You Sell Swimsuit Tops?

Yes! We sell swimsuit tops with our premium mermaid tails. Please see our website description to ensure that the top is included. The bikini top will come in the same size as your bikini tail unless otherwise noted.

How Much is Shipping?

All of our mermaid tails ship for a flat rate of $9 (for US locations only). This will usually deliver with 10 – 15 days. We do offer expedited shipping as well & all international shipping will be at $35.

Do You Make Custom Sizes?

Yes! We can create a mermaid tail to fit you perfectly. If you don’t see your size on our sizing chart, or would like a custom size, simply give us a call and we can help! 512-894-9633. You can also send your measurements by sending email to us at All we need is your waist and length (belly button to ankle bone).

What is Your Refund Policy?

Please check our terms of use page – for the refund policy.